incredible cabrios from AC Schnitzer

A catalyst is a chemical reaction accelerant and can be found in every modern car. But where to find a biochemical emotion accelerant? In the incredible cabrios by AC Schnitzer. Open the top as soon as the weather turns fine, and enjoy a daily dose of endorphins. The tuning house has refined the 1-, 3- and 6-series for the senses, and provides a special feeling for spring.

Unfiltered by panels and glass, the crescendo of the AC Schnitzer exhaust system hits the ear directly, and creates goose-pimples with every acceleration. With a performance upgrade from Aachen on board too, you’ll be in raptures – every press on the pedal is rewarded with a perceptible increase in wind speed.

Up to 265 kW / 360 HP from the 3.0 litre turbo petrol engine in the 1- and 3-series cabrios unleashes a real hurricane. For the 6-series however, AC Schnitzer presents the power-laden 302 kW / 411 HP 5.1 litre engine, which makes light work of even the big cabrio. Infinite torque is provided by the AC Schnitzer diesel power upgrades. The twin turbo of the 123d, after its extra “energising”, delivers 177 kW / 240 HP instead of the standard 150 kW / 204 HP. The six-cylinder diesels of the 335d and 635d (standard 210 kW / 286 HP) are also coaxed into delivering up to 228 kW / 310 HP. Power kits are also available for many other variants, but whichever vehicle and engine you choose: fitting the AC Schnitzer suspension brings unmissable benefits.

With an open top, spirited driving on twisting country roads is a special pleasure, and nothing improves this pleasure like the spring-damper combinations from the hands of AC Schnitzer Engineering Director Manfred Wollgarten. Because the suspension genius personally checks all components on the North Loop of the Nürburgring. And because of course you don’t always drive the cabrio at high speed, but sometimes like to linger over a ice at the nearest café, the visual impression must of course be right.

AC Schnitzer offers the right aerodynamic package for all models, together with further accessories for your enjoyment on the road. In the end, an open-top vehicle gives plenty of opportunities for the driver to turn every passing reflection in the shop window into his personal catwalk. Soon he’ll be able to admire not only the 1-, 3- and 6-series in AC Schnitzer outfit, but also the new Mini Cabrio and the new Z4.

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