KW coilover suspensions for BMW 1 series Coupé

Being the only (european) compact car with rear wheel drive, the BMW 1 Serie has a exceptional position within this car segment. And as coupé version this bavarian “corner eater” is the real kicker. KW automotive now offers ist well known coilover suspensions for this attractive two-door car to provide it with an even better handling quality.

The KW coilovers are available as variant V1 in versions „basic“ and stainless steel “inox-line” technology. Variants V2 and V3 are available in „inox-line“ technology exclusively.

The adjustment range of all three variants is 30-55 mm at the front axle and 25-55 mm at the rear axle.

kw coilover

kw coilover

KW coilover suspensions – 3 damping variants for every type of driver

Coilover suspension V1 with preset damper setting permits customised lowering of the suspension and creates an optimised balance of sportiness, comfort and safety. Damping variant V2 is the ideal system for sporty drivers, who also wish to make modifications in the set-up to achieve a more customised lowering of the suspension. Thanks to the adjustable rebound damping, it is possible to adapt the driving comfort to suit the driver’s personal taste.

With its separately adjustable pressure and rebound damping functions, coilover suspension V3 permits an even higher degree of customisation to the suspension and provides the perfect solution for those truly technically demanding drivers.

Further information on the wide range of KW automotive GmbH covering springs, dampers, anti-sway bars, sport and coilvover suspensions is available on the Internet at

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