KW Coilovers for the new BMW M235i and all BMW 2-series

KW is pleased to announce the release of three new coilover kits for the BMW M235i and BMW 2-series. Depending if you choose Variant 1, 2 or 3 the rebound and compression damping can be altered individually to suit the driver’s needs. The stainless steel KW coilover bodies are threaded for a continuous, German TÜV-approved lowering of up to 50mm. The adaptive KW DDC coilovers with an optional smart phone app control and the KW Clubsport systems for the BMW 2-series coupe are also in development and will be available soon.


The new BMW 2-series is already designed for fantastic driving dynamics and is very popular for BMW enthusiasts around the world. In order to fine tune your driving experience KW has developed three different coilovers for street use. The KW Variant 3 kit has independently adjustable compression and rebound damping and is the ideal choice for the performance orientated 2-series owner. Rebound damping is adjustable with 16-clicks and allows for a firmer ride to account for a change of wheel-/tyre combination while the compression damping is adjustable independently with 12-clicks of the adjustment wheel. When combined the driving dynamics of the BMW 2-series Coupé can be tuned to suit the drivers’ requirements. KW equips the Variant 3 with damper valve technology similar to the KW Competition 2-way coilovers for optimal performance. Knowledge gained from KW’s BMW Z4 GT3 development programme flows into the KW street applications. This YouTube link gives a closer look at the KW valve technology:

KW’s Variant 2 offers adjustable rebound with 16 adjustment positions while the KW Variant 1 kit comes with pre-set dampers. All KW coilover kits are setup on KW’s in house suspension dyno before shipping to ensure fantastic performance straight from the box. KW V1, V2 and V3 coilover kits lower the 2 series a German TÜV approved 50mm on the front and rear axle on all models except the BMW M235i which is already lower from factory. For this model, the German TÜV-tested adjustment range is between 10 and 35mm on the front axle, and 5 to 35mm on the drive axle.

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