Litchfield And KW Automotive Team Up To Offer Advanced Suspension Solutions For BMW M2

They say that two heads are better than one, an expression that most certainly applies to the world of aftermarket tuning, particularly when it comes to automotive suspension. A good example of this in action is the recent partnership between Litchfield, highly regarded supercar tuners, and KW Automotive, spring and damper gurus with an enviable reputation. The result? A version of the latter’s Variant 3 adjustable suspension developed specially for the BMW M2, a car that Litchfield knows a great deal about!

Litchfield’s knowledge of the BMW M2 isn’t merely hard to fault, it’s pretty much all encompassing. Iain and his team were one of the very first to receive a UK version of Munich’s pocket sized 911 fighter, and they’ve not stopped honing it since. Comprehensive sessions on the Litchfield rolling road (not to mention real world excursions to local tracks and B-roads) have enabled them to truly get the measure of the M2, meaning that there’s no one better placed to offer advanced tuning solutions for it.

The decision to mark the newfound relationship between Litchfield and KW by utilising the latter’s V3 suspension kits makes a lot of sense, as it’s one of the most balanced and versatile offerings in the KW range, one that’s suitable for the daily commute and the odd circuit blast. Much of this versatility is down to the V3’s construction, specifically its near legendary valve technology, which allows for independent adjustment of both the compression (bump) and rebound settings while the coilovers themselves are in situ. This gives huge scope for control over wider automotive traits such as body roll, cornering speed, weight transfer, and in broader sense, handling. Physical control of the compression settings is almost comically easy thanks to the lower adjustment wheel with 14 ‘click’ presets, while the rebound rates are equally simple to toggle, this time via a similar wheel with 16 preset points.

So far, so KW – not that that’s a bad thing of course. The real news here is the partnership between KW and Litchfield, and evidence of this can be found throughout the M2 V3 kit. The damper bodies sport continuous lowering via their dirt resistant trapezoid threads and composite collar, both carefully developed to weather the vagaries of the British weather for countless miles. The springs included within the M2 V3 package have also been devised specifically for this application and wound accordingly, while the whole kit offers a dizzying array of ride height adjustment options, catering to drivers of all types and tastes.

As you would expect of a joint venture involving parties of this calibre, the level of attention to detail is second to none, and there can be no doubt that BMW M2 owners will be investing in a beautifully engineered product, one which will give countless miles of dependable service. Proof of this can be seen in the construction of the coilovers themselves, not to mention the comprehensive 5 year warranty which underpins them. KW can be so confident of the ability of both kits thanks to their stainless steel construction, a trait which guarantees 100% rust resistance throughout the coilover’s lifespan.

Further evidence of the fruitful partnership enjoyed by Litchfield and KW can be found in another product for the BMW M2, a bespoke 12.5mm spacer kit. About as far removed from the clunky, ill-fitting lumps of steel most think of when they spacers are mentioned, KW’s hub-centric effort will fit and fit precisely, right out of the box. M2s with them fitted will have a wider track, and thus subtly improved handling and, thanks to the baby BMW’s swollen wheel arches, looks.

It’s hard to think of a better pairing that Litchfield and KW, certainly in automotive terms! The result of this partnership is the most complete suspension offering available for the BMW M2, one which serves to sharpen the car’s already pin-sharp handling, and all without rendering it a chore to drive on a daily basis.

KW Variant 3 Suspension


·Damping technology with individually adjustable rebound- and compression technology
·inox-line* stainless steel technology
·Individually height adjustable
·Adjustment parameters approved by the German Technical Control Board (TÜV)
·High-quality components for long durability
·Infinitely variable rebound damping adjustment
·14-way adjustable compression damping
·Unique, individually working damping force adjustment
·Comprehensive documentation for easy use

Price: £3066.66 ex. VAT

KW Spacer Kit 12.5mm
Price: £64.50 + VAT

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