LummaCLR X650 based on BMW X6 (teaser)

You may remember Lumma Design’s X530. At it again, the company has managed to take the creamy-sweetness that is the X6 and smack it with a rousing batch of over the top.

It’s one of those cars you can’t stop looking at whether you want to or not. The Sub Lime paint looks like it would be more at home on a ‘Cuda than a Bimmer, but we’re not fashion designers. So far, the stats are mostly cosmetic, with a gaping front fascia that looks like it was borrowed from Matchbox’s design center, flared fenders and new side-view mirrors.

The whole rig gets dropped 40 mm, or about an inch and a half for a more squat look, and epic 23 inch black rollers should house appropriately huge stoppers. It remains to be seen whether this tricked SUV will be able to go toe to toe with ENCO’s twin turbo Cayenne. We’ll have to wait until Lumma’s ride gets unveiled at the Paris Motor Show in October.

Source: Autofriends

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