Milltek Releases New BMW 135i Performance Exhaust System

Milltek, the respected UK exhaust manufacturer, has released details of its latest hand-finished exhaust system. The recipient this time is one of the tuning market’s hottest tickets, the BMW 135i.

Milltek has undertaken its usual extensive rounds of development and testing in order to create two systems. One to suit the E82 Coupe version, and another bespoke adaptation specifically for the E87 Cabriolet. Milltek’s engineers also ensured that the key technical differences between the earlier N54 twin-turbo cars and the later N55 single scroll models were also catered for, creating two separate designs to accommodate. Put simply, whichever version you own, Milltek has taken the time to create a solution that will fit and work perfectly.

As with all Milltek systems, several options have been created to allow owners to tailor their own system to suit their personal preference, or indeed, prevailing local legalities! A full turbo back, or primary and secondary cat back options can be selected, all of which have been precision mandrel bent in the finest high-chrome austenitic stainless steel. Pipework has been optimised at 2.50” / 63.5mm for the perfect balance between flow and back pressure and tailpipes can be ordered as either Polished Stainless or Ceramic Black Dual GT-80s for a stunning ‘OEM+’ demeanour.


Noise levels rise commensurately with each system, but even on the full turbo back version, the tone is crisp and throaty, but without introducing unwanted drone or resonance into the cabin at speed. Power gains also vary between configurations, but a mapped car running a full system was proven to gain over 30bhp from the addition of the exhaust on an independent rolling road.

Ever ahead of the curve, also on the horizon is the development of a system for the new F20 platform M135i, starting in just a few week’s time.


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