Milltek Sport Launches Next Generation of ValveSonic Technology – ‘ValveSonic Plus’

Following on from the successful launch of its innovative ValveSonic technology, British exhaust manufacturer Milltek Sport has unveiled the next generation of its ‘plug and play’ exhaust control system for a wide variety of popular cars.

After several months of development and testing with its technical partners in central Europe, Milltek has been able to create a completely new upgrade system that offers even greater control of exhaust tone and flow characteristics with increased levels of integration to the vehicle’s CAN BUS system.

ValveSonic Plus

The ValveSonic Plus is simply unlike any other exhaust valve control system. Seamless integration is enabled by the utilisation of existing buttons on the vehicle’s steering wheel. Unlike some other systems, this means no additional buttons or remote controls are required for operation. The new control box also features OEM-style plugs for a quick and easy fitment, making it a much simpler installation and giving the unit a smaller size for a discreet and OEM-esque upgrade. In fact, the units measure just 56mm x 43mm, making them one of the smallest commercially available.

ValveSonic Plus milltek

ValveSonic Plus, like the original ValveSonic controller, enables the driver to setup and configure the automatic modes of when the system will open and close the valves on the exhaust. What makes it unique however are the new software configuration options that are included with the ValveSonic Plus unit – allowing over 138(!!) parameters to be adjusted. These new settings include options to control the system by the drive mode (Comfort/Normal, Eco, Sport / Dynamic etc.), control for the valves while the car is in warm up or cold start cycle, throttle position and within each gear.


Also due to its peerless OE integration the ValveSonic Plus system can be used with either Milltek Sport exhausts that feature electronic valves or with original manufacturer fitted exhaust systems (again if fitted with electronic Valves from the factory).


The initial launch of ValveSonic Plus will cover the following vehicles within the BMW range, but will be rolled out across other marques once Milltek has finished its comprehensive testing protocols.

Launch range
BMW 1 Series 2013+ BMW F M135i
BMW 2 Series 2014+ BMW F 228i, M235i
BMW 3 Series 2012+ BMW F 328i, 335i
BMW 4 Series 2014+ BMW F 428i, 435i
BMW M Models 2015+ F80 M3 2015+ F82 M4
BMW X Models 2014+ F X5 35i X5M, 2014+ F X6 35i X5M

Scheduled next for release will be a range of bespoke solutions for a number of Audi S and RS models.

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