New Cat-Back Sports Exhaust System For BMW F30/F31 3-Series 340i/440i

BMW has certainly hit a rich vein of form in recent years, so much so that the Munich legend can do no wrong! The firm’s stalwart model has long been the 3-Series, the latest version being the highly regarded F30/31 platform, one that’s already sold by the million and given the likes of Mercedes and Audi more than a few sleepless nights. Remus has a long standing history of catering for BMWs of all shapes and sizes, hence why it won’t be too much of a surprise to learn that its latest offering for the 340i and 440i is a sports cat-back exhaust with fully integrated and cabin-controllable valves, and a selection of tail pipe offerings.

While it’s most certainly true that the system fitted to the latest iteration of the 3-Series is a nice bit of kit, it’s still been designed to appeal to a broad spread of people, meaning it can’t help but be ‘a jack of all trades, a master of none.’ The all new Remus offering changes all of that at a stroke, fitting perfectly and coming backed up by OEM-rivaling levels of design, fit and finish.

The core of the new Remus offering consists of a cat-back front silencer, a high quality stainless steel pipe that’s been developed over the course of an intensive research and development phase. The upshot is a silencer with truly excellent gas flow properties, and a note that manages to strike the correct balance between everyday usability and out-and-out aggression.

The cat-back then leads to a Wolf Inside silencer with a stunning shot-blasted finish and a choice of tail pipes, all with fully integrated valves. These have been designed to work with the BMW hardware and decidedly trick electronics already in place, and give the driver complete control over the volume of the exhaust. Want it suitably raucous for a sunny, Sunday afternoon blast? Easy, just flick the switch and bury the throttle – hey presto! Need to make a quiet, stealthy getaway in the early hours of the morning, or for the Monday morning commute? Again, it’s the work of minutes and the flick of a switch. It’s the kind of innovative thinking that just a handful of years ago would be the sole preserve of luxury models with six figure price tags, something that simply underlines how forward thinking Remus actually.

Integrated valves aside, the Wolf Inside tailpipes are notable in that they’re available in a choice of six different styles or finishes, meaning 3-Series owners can tailer both the look and the sound of their system to suit their personal preference. The first consists of a pair of chromed and angled 90mm pipes, while the other five are all 84mm in diameter. The other five options are all twin pipe, 84mm offerings; the first with a chromed finish, the second with a Street Race design, the third with a Carbon Race finish, the fourth with a subtle Street Race Black Chrome coating, and the fifth with stunning titanium internals. All six can be fitted to the 3-Series with ease, and none require the rear bumper to be modified in order to function correctly.

As is the case with all Remus systems, the quality of the workmanship involved is second to none, well above that of offerings from other manufactures and even rivaling OEM levels of fit and finish. Extensive testing of the system on the firm’s own development cars has revealed a noticeable increase in performance across the rev range, plus the aforementioned exhaust note that manages to be aggressive without ever becoming overpowering or obtrusive.

This latest addition to the already comprehensive Remus range simply highlights how committed the firm is to BMWs of all shapes, sizes and ages, and it’s certainly a part that’s well worth considering if you’re fortunate enough to own one of these stunning straight-six cars.

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