Prior Design Widebody Kit for BMW 6 Series

Prior Design finally decided to reveal the long-awaited PD6xx widebody aerodynamic kit for the BMW 6 Series range.
Prior Design BMW 6 Series widebody features a styling package that can be fitted to all version of the current-gen 6er, including the F12 Coupe, the F13 Convertible, even the M6.


Fitted with the new kit the cars are completely transformed. The entire package, in case you decide to order one, includes: Prior-Design PD6XX Front Bumper, Side Skirts, Rear Bumper, Rear Add-on Spoiler/Diffusor, Front Wide Fenders, Rear Widenings, Bonnet/Engine Cover, Rear Trunk Spoiler and other mounting material.


All of them are made out of DURA-Flex, though, and not carbon fibre like all other manufacturers, in the typical Prior Design fashion. That means that they are paintable and you can get them in any color you’d like.

The kit is certainly very showy, but that is exactly why it could become popular.

One Response to Prior Design Widebody Kit for BMW 6 Series

  1. Harmeet says:

    How much will it cost for the entire package for my car please. I have a bmw 630i 2007 model.