Racing technology for the BMW M3 E90

Eisenmann brings Formula 1 racing technology to the roads. The specialist for sports exhaust systems presents the new end muffler for the current BMW M3 in INCONEL® technology especially for motor racing. This alloy is also used by NASA and stands out for its extreme stability and heat resistance.

While titanium reacts critically with air components from approximately 400 degrees Celsius and can lead to brittle fractures on the long run, the material INCONEL® 625 is superior in any respect and still entirely temperature-stable at 1000 degrees Celsius.

The objective of the Eisenmann engineers was to produce a weight- and performance optimised sports muffler for the track. The specialist for sports exhaust systems has passed this task with flying colours. The result is an end muffler which only weighs 12 kilograms and therefore saves 40 percent weight. Moreover, it also renders the durability that made Eisenmann so famous. The elaborate damping interior guarantees a performance enhancement. Four end pipes measuring 76 millimetres in diameter in the typical Eisenmann design render the characteristic sound.


The end muffler for the BMW M3 is available for 5355 Euro including VAT, for the limousine (E90), the Coupé (E92) and also the Convertible (E93). The end muffler for the race track can be obtained from specialised shops or directly from the Eisenmann web shop at

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