REAR Subframe Repair Kit for all E46

If you own a BMW 3 series produced from 1999 – 2006, chances are that your BMW will be affected with cracking of the rear subframe area that support the complete rear suspension. Through undue stress and fatigue, the body or chassis of these 3 series model BMWs are prone to crack or break out leaving almost nothing to hold the rear suspension to the car. Do you know that revealing these stress cracks is almost impossible? Is your BMW safe?

The Active Autowerke E46 rear subframe repair kit comprises of steel plating that overlays, strengthens and reinforces these critical weak points. Installation of these plates requires grinding, cutting and welding and is best left to a qualified welder /fabricator using a lift. For what this product accomplishes, Active Autowerke think this is probably the best money ever spent if you own a BMW E46 3 series.

Key Features

  • Applicable to all E46 BMW models
  • Applicable for RACE or STREET application
  • Minimizes stress load
  • Distributes load stress over the NEW plate area
  • Restrengthens factory mounting points
  • Plates are welded in place not bolted or glued

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