Remus Announces Cat-Back Exhaust System For BMW 1 & 2-Series (M140i/M240i)

It’s safe to say that Remus is now among the most revered and respected of all exhaust manufacturers, with an ever-expanding range of beautifully designed, high performance offerings. The latest fitment options to join said range are for two of the most capable performance offerings on sale today, the BMW M240i 2-Series (in F22 Coupe and F23 Cabrio guises) and the BMW M140i 1-Series (in F20 Coupe and F21 Cabrio guises), both of which share the same 3.0 engine. It’s an exciting announcement and one which bodes very well for both 1 and 2-Series owners, particularly if they’re in the mood for extra power and noise!

The latest Remus product distills all its knowledge and experience, and the result is an exhaust that’s stunningly well engineered and balanced. The system can be ordered in a variety of different lengths, an option which reflects the modular nature of the Remus range and the company’s willingness to tailor its offerings to suit the needs of individual customers. In practice this means that the BMW system can be had in a complete, turbo-back form, with further the further option of specifying it in either resonated or non-resonated form. Both are 84mm in diameter (a 4mm increase in size over the OEM component) but the latter is significantly louder, a truly aggressive system that will leave passers by in no doubt as to the nature of your car or its sporting credentials, while the resonated version is more subtle and subdued, although no less characterful.

Those wishing to retain a bit more of their 1 or 2-Series’ OEM character are equally well catered for, with a selection of cat-back exhaust options; one resonated, one non-resonated. Both are fully suited for road use, and both make full use of Remus’ industry leading research and development facilities, meaning they can be relied upon to sound suitably aggressive without ever suffering from drone or other aural imperfections. Last but by no means least, there’s an axle-back option, ideal for those seeking to retain the majority of the standard, BMW-fitted hardware.

Whichever option the customer opts for, Remus offers a choice of distinct tail pipe offerings, 5 for the 2-Series, 2 for the 1-Series. The 2-Series range opens with a trio of twin 102mm angled options, one straight cut with a chrome finish, one with a rolled edge and a chrome finish, and one Titanium internals. The final pair of options makeup the Remus Street Race sub-range and can be had with a straight cut and a carbon insert, or straight cut, carbon insert and a black chrome finish, both of which look suitably menacing jutting out from the Munich icon’s rear valance. The options for the 1-Series are both twin, 102mm offerings, one with an angled, straight cut and chromed appearance, the other with angled cut and Titanium internals. Both are shorter than those intended for fitment to the larger 2-Series, a modification which ensures they fit the smaller car perfectly.

Remus has carved out an enviable reputation for being able to work with the OEM systems already in place, and evidence of this can be found in its mastery of vacuum controlled valve technology. This functions in conjunction with BMW’s own, fully integrated valves and performance modes, which in practice gives Remus owners complete control over the volume of their system. It ensures that Remus systems are nothing if not versatile, every bit as suited to early morning commuting as they are autobahn blasts.

As is the case with all Remus systems, the quality of the workmanship involved is second to none, well above that of offerings from other manufactures and even rivaling OEM levels of fit and finish. Extensive testing of the system on the firm’s own development car has revealed a noticeable increase in performance across the rev range, with peak power increases of 15.5bhp on offer, plus a jump in torque of 14.4nm, figures that make this already potent car all the mightier!

Further evidence of Remus’ committed to forward-thinking technology can be found in both the Remus Powerizer and Remus Responder. Both plug and play systems, the former has been developed to give up to 25% more power and 20% more torque at the press of a button, while also saving fuel. It does this by toggling the engine management parameters in real time, optimising the nature of the map multiple times per second in order to ensure peak gas flow at any given time. Buyers can also opt for the Remus Responder, a system that improves throttle response by adjusting the accelerator pedal output signal, resulting in noticeably reduced response and reduced lag when when applied cars with an automatic transmissions.

There’s no denying that both the M140i and M240i are supremely capable cars, quite possibly some of the best performance offerings that BMW has ever produced, yet there’s always room for improvement. Fitting a Remus exhaust system is the very definition of a ‘win-win’ scenario; its systems are made to OEM standards, they have been designed to fit perfectly, come with a dizzying array of options and finishes, sound superb and have been proven to boost performance. Get in touch using the details below to find out more.

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