REMUS sports exhaust and Powerizer options for the BMW F80/F82 M3/M4

Remus has launched an impressive range of system options for the popular pair of BMW’s latest M3 and M4. These new sports exhaust systems impress not only with their fully shot-blasted surface finish, but also with an even more aggressive sound, and in particular, lightweight construction.

This has been achieved by a reduction in wall thickness, while keeping the same strength. The new silencer interior construction ensures a more aggressive sound, while the fully shot-blasted surface made from stainless steel with aerodynamic optimized inner flow optimisation guarantees maximum life and a consistent tone.


The unique REMUS exhaust design allows for the fitment of fully adjustable slip-on rear tips which have 4 optional designs and sizes to customize the rear aesthetic to the owner’s specific preference. These tip designs include (4x) 102mm angled carbon fibre with titanium internals, (4x) 102mm angled chrome, (4x) 98mm non-angled black chrome with carbon insert and (4x) non-angled stainless with carbon insert.

The system is also available in an axle-back configuration which includes only the rear silencer and tips, or as a full down-pipe back system inclusive of X-pipe and connecting pipe. As a further option the connecting tubes are available with integrated silencers to modulate the aggressive sound.


The numbers are impressive; an additional 9.6 bhp, an extra dollop or torque to the tune of 13.6Nm and a helpful weight saving of 3.2 kilos. If that’s still not enough, owners can add up to 25% more power with the REMUS Powerizer system.

The electronics of the REMUS Powerizer enhance the engine management parameters in real time. The engine mapping is optimised multiple times per second and ensures a considerable and noticeable power increase. The engine safety parameters and management remain totally original to ensure that individual engine components are not overstrained. Furthermore, the original mapping software remains totally untouched.


Due to its Plug & Play concept, the REMUS Powerizer is simple to install and can be easily removed at any time. Thanks to the torque increase, the engine has more power at lower RPM which leads to a reduction in fuel consumption. The power increase of the engine can be adjusted by using the push button switches on the control unit. This brings the BMW M4 91bhp of additional power and 90Nm more torque (Original: 317kW, 431Hp, 550Nm | Tuned: 385kW, 522Hp, 640Nm).

An additional option is the REMUS Responder – which improves throttle response by means of modifying the accelerator pedal output signal. No more throttle delay and reduced lag during automatic shifting makes driving with the REMUS Responder much more fun. The Responder attaches between the OEM pedal sensor and the OEM connector, ready to use in seconds due, once again, to plug & play technology.


Sophisticated adjustable programming profiles can lead to improved fuel consumption and more efficiency. The 4 individual user selectable and adjustable performance settings allow drivers to select according to their own preferences. The REMUS Responder totally eliminates the delay in modern electronic accelerator pedals!

Remus M3/M4 exhaust options start at £496.00 exc VAT for the Racing X-Pipe and connection tubes.

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