Spectacular CLR 500 RS with 560 HP

The swabian tuner LUMMA DESIGN continues its series of refined premium vehicles through CLR 500 RS. This time the development was based on the current BMW M5. This high performance limousine receives a complete body-kit in spectacular optics, a new chassis, a racing exhaust system, numerous interior accessories as well as power enhancement providing even better performance.

This car, which is refined using every trick in the tuning book, celebrated its premier during the Auto Salon in Geneva 2007 as Show Car at the stand of the Swiss tuning specialists Forcar Auto accessories, where it became THE crowd puller.


BMW bases its M-Models on high-rev concept. The M5 is based on the same principle. Its 10-cylinder motor has the character of a racing engine. Considering the old racing saying “you can never have too much horsepower”, soon may prove true within the stock power of 507 HP to being insufficient for various drivers. Question: How to get that extra kick? Answer: Drive to LUMMA DESIGN and order the performance enhancement 560 HP!  A complete electronical optimization of the ECU is manditory. Larger metallic racing catalytic converters and a racing exhaust system extract more horse power from the V10 engine. The removal of the Vmax-limitation insures that the Bavarian Express races a solid 327 km/h.

LUMMA DESIGN also provides the CLR 500 RS with a classy motor optic package. It is complete with air collector and air filter casing made of carbon and as well a red cylinder head cover. A treat for the eyes!


Impressive Appearance through Body Extension

The body exterior of the CLR 500 RS makes one thing crystal clear; this is not just chicken feed; rather a very big deal. LUMMA DESIGN widens the car body from front to back 5cm on each side. The spectacular looking body-kit includes a new front spoiler bumper, wheel arch extensions and a rear apron. As an optical highlight, the rear apron features an impressive integrated racing-diffuser which is painted in racing typical black. It extends over the complete lower rear-end and embedded within is an impressively large tailpipe on each side. LUMMA DESIGN is well aware most motorists receive only this view in full. Causing quite a stir for the CLR 500 RS is the outstanding paint job in colour orange provided by LUMMA DESIGN.


For improvement of performance and weight, LUMMA DESIGN equips the CLR 500 RS with a lightweight trunk lid made of carbon-kevlar fibre with an embedded rear spoiler lip for improved downforce. Rarely does chrom match  to such a sporty vehicle. Closer to what racing sport dreams are made of is the use of carbon fibre. That’s why LUMMA DESIGN covers all exterior chrom parts are with real carbon.
Mighty 21” Wheels

As for the theme wheels, LUMMA DESIGN comes up with its own special creation. The noble three-pieced wheels are made of a combination between aluminium and stainless steel. They come in a highly-polished titanium finish with five spokes branching out in “Y” form to the rim. LUMMA DESIGN attaches great importance to true grandeur mounting its glamourous wheels in large 10×21” size equipped with Yokohama tyres 255/30-21 in front and 11,5×21”and 295/25-21 in back.


The reduction of centre of gravity of the vehicles goes along with agile driving performance. LUMMA DESIGN accomplishes this through the addition of H&R sport suspension  lowering the CLR 500 RS by 40mm.  

As mentioned above, the LUMMA DESIGN exhaust system is equipped with racing catalysators   providing higher performance for the CLR 500 RS. It really gives one goose bumps with an awesome sound racing through two 115 mm thick exhaust pipes. Look out when it breaks loose!

LUMMA DESIGN supplies the interior with a sporty comfortable ambiance. The two-toned leather décor glistens in  Lamborghini-orange. LUMMA DESIGN offers other matching extra interior parts in orange coloured carbon as well. The Winterlingen based tuner even matches the instruments to the outside vehicle. For this reason, even the tacho scale  that LUMMA DESIGN extended to 360km/h, comes in orange. The LUMMA DESIGN self-designed steering wheel is ergonomically formed so that the driver can securely steer the CLR 500 RS and comes embroidered in carbon-leather combination. The final shine is found in the cockpit through both the gas pedal and foot rest comprised of  anodized aluminium embossed with the LUMMA DESIGN logo.

More information to the complete tuning program from LUMMA DESIGN can be found on the internet under www.LUMMA-DESIGN.com.

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