SuperPro BMW 1 & 3 Series Alloy Arm Upgrade

As part of its ever-expanding range of alignment and suspension products, Australian chassis authority SuperPro has released details of its all-new alloy arm upgrades for many 1 and 3 Series BMW models. Thanks to BMW’s parts sharing philosophy, these new parts with fit all E81, E82, E87, E88, E90, E91 and E92 models.

SuperPro has designed these parts in response to significant demand from the tuning fraternity for a set of uprated front arms to cope with the stresses and forces placed upon these cars when driven enthusiastically, and of course, when subjected to tuning. Both the 1 and 3 series ranges have become well-proven tuner platforms, and these new products not only offer a greater level of performance and durability ‘out of the box’, but also the ability to adjust geometry far outside the factory’s relatively timid parameters.

Where the OEM parts use traditional rubber around a ball joint, the SuperPro parts use a vastly superior polyurethane formulation that balances greater precision with equivalent levels of comfort. This formulation is really clever, as it’s not only used by many race teams and reigning motorsport champions, but it’s also approved at dealer level by Subaru UK’s accessory division . Clearly a compound that can be all things to all people! By removing any unwanted movement, or ‘slop’ in the suspension action, the SuperPro arms ensure that chassis geometry is kept consistent and maintained even when the car is driven on the limit.

Both the Front Lower Control Arm and the Radius Arm offer a complete arm replacement and come ready mounted with all bushes for a simple and easy fit. The Control Arm is “on car” camber adjustable and allows up to a degree of extra camber. The radius arms can also be adjusted in situ and allows tuners to obtain an additional increase or decrease of caster. In both cases, this fine adjustment is achieved by the simple rotation of a turnbuckle – and the kit even includes a spanner for this very purpose.

The complete kit, including all four arms and the spanner, is priced at £299.00 +VAT. Great value to help your BMW towards perfect handling!

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