The G-POWER M5 wins 1. place at the sport auto- Award 2012

With one 1. place and two 2. places the participants of the sport auto- Award 2012 brought G-POWER three excellent results.

The reader’s survey of the “sport auto” magazine owns a long tradition. Already since 1980 this survey identifies the most popular cars each year. That is why it has a very high recommendation in the “scene” and is known as a benchmark for the success of the participating brands and cars.


In the 32nd edition of the sport auto- Award 2012 the 640 hp strong G-POWER M5 has won first place in its category “Sedans over 80.000 Euro” with huge distant to its competitors. The second place in the category “Coupés over 80.000 Euro” has been won by the 720 hp strong G-POWER M3 RS featuring a G-POWER supercharger system. Another second place has been won by the G-POWER Z4 with 418 hp thanks to the G-POWER Soft- and Hardware modifications in its category “Convertibles until 80.000 Euro”.


The reason behind this hype for G-POWER are not just the spectacular output figures, but is based in the fact that G-POWER can continuously proof those figures stated with High-Speed tests and world records. Since only top speed gives a true feedback of the actually achieved output enhancement.

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