The MK-Motorsport airbox system

Mk Motorsport airbox MK-Motorsport enjoys a long reputation of being at the forefront of research and development in the field of intake and exhaust gas distribution. This company from Ötigheim, Germany, which can look back over some 30 years of experience in motor racing, has transferred its latest development directly from the racing circuit onto the road.
By conducting extensive test work on engine dynamometers and practical road tests on public roads and racing circuits, MK has developed its carbon fiber airbox system plus exhaust gas distribution system for the BMW E46 M3 ready for series production. The MK high-performance header was engineered with flow technology on a flow test bench (flow test bed for developing high-performance engines).

The carbon fiber airbox system obtains its intake air from a ram-air system located in the left wheel housing. Due to this, the manifold air temperature corresponds to the slipstream temperature and, accordingly, is considerably cooler than the air in the engine bay. This produces the effect that more air with a higher oxygen content and a higher flow velocity flows into the combustion chamber.

MK-Motorsport supplies the airbox system in four different configurations. Engine kit A consists of the carbon fiber airbox, a special air filter system, special Alfa-N electronics plus a Vmax override facility. MK-Motorsport generates an extra 25 hp by implementing these measures. Engine kit B additionally contains the MK high-performance header with an X pipe and MK rear silencer for a power boost of around 55 hp. Engine kit C features the additional installation of special MK camshafts, which boost the power by around 70 hp. Engine kit D additionally includes a complete cylinder head overhaul, which translates into  an increase in power of around 85 hp.

The prices for the MK airbox system are between € 4,300 for kit A and € 17,140 for kit D. These prices include the complete fitting and statutory sales tax.

Further information on the extensive range from MK-Motorsport is available by calling +49 (0)7222/24022 or by visiting the Internet at .

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