The new Multimedia World from AC Schnitzer

BMW MultimediaReading about fast cars is rather like flicking through gourmet food magazines. Just looking –
often in too static a situation – is far from equally satisfactory for all the senses. Thanks to AC Schnitzer, by visiting the website, fans can now set their pulses racing and experience the cars more directly with all their senses via an extensive multimedia service.

On the website you will find a big amount of short clips for a video and sound check. Longer films give you a glimpse behind the legendary scenes of the vehicle tuner or tempt you directly onto the track. So take a nerve-jangling ride on the famous Nürburgring North Loop in the duel between the AC Schnitzer V8 TOPSTER and the AC Schnitzer K 1200 R BEASTER.

There is of course an audio-visual of the world record-breaking run of the GP3.10 GAS POWERED in Nardo, the first liquid gas-powered car in the world to achieve 318.1 km/h. A sophisticated 3D panorama simulation rewards the internet visitor with his heart’s desire in the interior of this concept vehicle. There are also TV clips, publicity spots and the film of the “Germany trip” of the world’s fastest road-legal BMW, the AC Schnitzer TENSION: In one burst from north to south.

And if you want to see what’s currently going on in the flagship store in Aachen, check out the
Live Webcam. With a bit of luck you’ll get a glimpse of a new vehicle or a prototype.
Congratulations to AC Schnitzer for the new improvement of the website. Make us all love modified BMWs.

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