The TENSION Street Version by AC Schnitzer

In physics Tension stands for stored energy: Everyone knows what happens when a spring is compressed as far as possible and then suddenly released. The physical formula: force per surface unit. The energy that can be released by a car covering around eight square metres was impressively demonstrated by AC Schnitzer in Nardo with its project vehicle TENSION, the fastest road-legal BMW in the world at almost 332 km/h. Scarcely less impressive, and yet absolutely ideal for everyday use, is the AC Schnitzer TENSION Street Version, which gives even the spectator a rush of excitement.

Even at rest, the race machine based on the current 6-series BMW resembles a beast of prey lurking to attack. The aerodynamic accessories develop the visual excitement of real muscles, that extend from the striking rear skirt with its carbon diffuser over the flanks to the front. The TENSION Street Version also shares the extravagant boot construction with its Nardo counterpart.

Function and decor create a fascinating symbiosis on both: The chrome-edged air intakes on the bonnet, or the shark-jaw lines on the wings, and the air guide ducts integrated into the side skirts, actively support the thermodynamics of the engine and brakes. On a base car with the M6 top range engine, the deceleration system is supplemented at the front by 8-pot fixed calipers and 374 mm brake discs.

But power isn’t restricted to the M-version. As a choice AC Schnitzer provide acceleration in the same region for 645i (standard 245 kW/333 HP) and 650i (standard 270 kW/367 HP), releasing up to 302 kW (411 HP). And that’s not just down to electronics, but using classic solid engine construction. Cylinder block, pistons, crankshaft, catalyst, sports rear silencer, cylinder head, conrods, manifold and of course also the Control Unit: everything is modified or replaced by AC Schnitzer. An abundance of energy, the growl of which can be experienced in all the senses through the AC Schnitzer exhaust system made totally from stainless steel. With its chromed Sports Trim tailpipes, it also catches the eye at the back.

BWM Tension street AC Schnitzer

So that the sheer force isn’t lost in tyre smoke, the 285 mm wide tyres on the rear provide superb traction. At the front, the tyres are slightly narrower, size 245/35 ZR20, to optimize steering. The associated Type V lightweight forged alloys measure 9.0J and 10.0J x 20″. But it’s not just the tyres which contribute to the spectacularly agile handling of the AC Schnitzer TENSION Street Version. A sports suspension (for M6, springs only) lowers the centre of gravity of the car by around 25 to 30 mm. In conjunction with the special antiroll bar kits from AC Schnitzer, on corners the car seems to fuse seamlessly with the street. An aluminium strut brace also reduces torsion in the front. And of course AC Schnitzer has added a wealth of interior enhancements such as the 3-spoke sports steering wheel with carbon and leather trim.

All in all, a sophisticated vehicle which meets the highest quality standards. As a result, it is only assembled by AC Schnitzer in Aachen, to benefit from decades of experience with BMW cars.

BMW tension AC Schnitzer interior

Base vehicle:
BMW 6-series Coup̩/Cabrio Рall engines
(Accessories below not engine-specific unless stated otherwise)

AC Schnitzer twin sports rear silencer inc. “Sports Trim” tailpipes,

AC Schnitzer sports suspension (not M6)
AC Schnitzer suspension spring kit (only M6)
AC Schnitzer strut brace “Sports Trim” for front axle (M6 only)

AC Schnitzer front skirt
AC Schnitzer front wings
AC Schnitzer designer inserts for wings
AC Schnitzer chrome trims for designer inserts
AC Schnitzer air guide
AC Schnitzer bonnet including chrome frame
AC Schnitzer side skirts
AC Schnitzer Chromline set for side skirts
AC Schnitzer brake air duct set
AC Schnitzer sports mirrors (not M6)
AC Schnitzer rear skirt
AC Schnitzer carbon diffuser for rear skirt
AC Schnitzer boot lid (not Cabrio)
AC Schnitzer rear spoiler (only Cabrio)
AC Schnitzer Bi-Color paintwork (not M6), roof edges/roof strips

AC Schnitzer sports airbag steering wheel
AC Schnitzer carbon steering wheel insert “Titan”

Interior trim:
AC Schnitzer instrument display up to 320 km/h or 330 km/h (M6)
AC Schnitzer carbon interior trim “Titanium”
AC Schnitzer carbon automatic selector lever “Titanium” (for automatics)
AC Schnitzer aluminium gear knob “Black Line” (for manuals)
AC Schnitzer aluminium handbrake handle “Black Line”
AC Schnitzer aluminium cover for i-Drive controller “Black Line”
AC Schnitzer aluminium pedal set for manuals and automatics
AC Schnitzer aluminium footrest
AC Schnitzer velours foot mats
AC Schnitzer velours boot mat
AC Schnitzer aluminium type plate with serial number

Type V AC Schnitzer lightweight forged wheels Type V
Forged Wheels 9.0J x 20″ with 245/30 R 20 and rear 10.0J x 20″ with 245/30 R 20
or other 20″ wheel/tyre combination

Extra Options
Power package:
AC Schnitzer 5.1 l power plant for 645i/650i: Performance upgrade
from 245 kW/333 HP or 270 kW/367 HP to 302 kW/411 HP (at 6100
rpm); max. torque 550 Nm (at 3900 rpm); 0-100 km/h in 4.9 sec..; VMax
285 km/h

Modifications and upgrades include cylinder block, pistons, crankshaft,
catalyst, sports rear silencer, cylinder head, con-rods, manifold and
control unit; increase in capacity from 4398 (645i) or 4799 (650i) to
5106 cc

Brake system: 8-pot fixed caliper brakes at front with 374 mm discs (M6 only)
Chassis: AC Schnitzer special antiroll bar kit for rear axle

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  1. Jim Toe says:

    Aluminium is a very versatile material, and would make any car lighter!