The world’s fastest estate car

After the G-POWER M5 HURRICANE RS with twin-supercharged engine and 750 hp/551 kW set the record for the world‘s fastest saloon car at the end of 2008 with 367.4 km/h, G-POWER went one better in 2010 with the next evolution, the M5 HURRICANE RR, which took the existing record to a new high of 372 km/h.


Now, a limited run of only 1,025 BMW M5 Touring models are being equipped with the 750 hp/551 kW V10 twin-supercharged power plant from the G-POWER M5 HURRICANE RS. As a consequence, the G-POWER M5 HURRICANE RS Touring is now the world’s fastest estate car. With a top speed of 360 km/h (limited), it beats the existing record of 344.2 km/h (MTM RS6 R) from 2009 by 15.8 km/h, and the record of 320 km/h (Brabus T V12) from 1997 by 40 km/h. See the footage below of the G-POWER M5 HURRICANE RS reaching its electronically limited top speed of 360 km/h:

Alongside the 5.0l BMW V10 high-revving power unit, the basis for the power output of 750 hp is provided by a G-POWER twin-supercharger system, version SK IIII RS. Downstream of the two ASA T1-316 superchargers, charging one cylinder bank each, the pre-compressed charge air is brought down to performance-enhancing temperatures by the twin-scroll, water-cooled intercooler finished in G-POWER’s characteristic orange. The intercooler, a sophisticated cast aluminium component replaces the series-production airbox above the engine.


The ten-cylinder four-valve engine is optimized by lightweight, balanced Mahle high-performance forged pistons with lower compression. The standard con-rods and piston pins are not capable of withstanding the increased forces, they, too, have been replaced by stronger internals. The engine electronics recalibrated, raising peak power output to 750 hp/551 kW between 7,500 and 8,000 r/min. Maximum torque of 750 Nm is reached at 5,000 revs.


The 2-tonne estate achieves 0-100 km/h time in less than 4.5 seconds, 9.7 seconds to 200 km/h and takes 26 seconds to reach the 300 km/h mark.

As a complete vehicle the BMW M5 HURRICANE RS Touring includes the 20” wheel set, suspension, brake system and power increase to 750 hp, including the G-POWER leather upholstery illustrated in the photos.

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