WEITEC Coilovers for BMW 5 Series

BMW made the 5 Series comfortable. The WEITEC coilover HICON GT not only gives the sedan an impressive drive dynamic, it also improves its driving comfort, whether you simply cruise along or accelerate at high speeds along the motorway.

The body movement of the sedan have been clearly reduced by the engineers of the coilover specialist by applying a dampening feature especially fine-tuned for this vehicle. And as a bonus, the steering also benefits from the new suspension solutions. The direct steering of all production models becomes much more precise with the WEITEC coilovers. The result are driving characteristics and smooth adjustments that will win over any driver, whether on long-distance rides or manoeuvring through tight corners on a country road. Furthermore, you have the option to lower the vehicle within the TÃœV-approved adjustment range, changing the ground clearance between 20 to 55 millimetres on the front axle and 20 to 50 millimetres on the rear axle.

The WEITEC HICON GT coilover is available for all 5 Series versions except the 550Li for only 949 Euro including all applicable taxes. Of course, all attachments and dust protection systems are included with the delivery of all WEITEC parts. This also includes the respective TÃœV Parts Certificate.

WEITEC is the inexpensive alternative to other well-known suspension manufacturers. The subsidiary of the world-renowned suspension manufacturer KW offers the best price-performance ratio for uncompromising technology made by KW.

For more information about lowering springs, sport suspensions, complete and coilover kits, as well as spring distance kits for raising the vehicle, and of course the always updated application list, please visit the website at www.WEITEC.de

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