Tuned Breyton BMW 3 Series E90 with 20-inch wheel rims

Breyton design from Stockach/Germany, one of the most successful and expert partners for stylish and high-class BMW tuning, has taken on the challenge of thoroughly retuning the latest BMW 3 Series E90 and is additionally presenting this sedan equipped with two of its attractive wheel designs in a 20-inch version.

At the heart of this retuned Bavarian automobile is the performance enhanced variant model series 3.32. Following the conversion, this mid-range sector BMW generates an impressive 306 bhp, thereby catering to a driver’s every wish in terms of power. Mechanical engine components such as, for instance, the crankshaft, pistons and con rod are modified and the control unit electronically adapted. A torque of 347 Nm ensures outstanding traction. There can be no substitute for cubic capacity other than cubic capacity! The power-enhanced model series 3.32 is capable of a top speed of 281 km/h.

The sheer power of the model series 3.32 is immediately apparent on first sight. This is ensured by an aerodynamic body-styling kit, which comprises a front spoiler lip that is harmoniously integrated into the basic design, side skirts which guarantee the vehicle a lower look and a dynamizing yet discreet rear spoiler. It lends this 3 Series a sportier look.
Large wheels are also a sure means of lending an automobile a sportier and more dynamic appearance. In this case, breyton fits its elegant, single-piece proprietary wheel rim “Spirit” in a composite look and “Vision II” – both as 20-inch versions. They are fitted at the front in the dimension 8.5×20 with 235/30 ZR 20-inch tires and at the rear in 10.5×20 with 285/25 ZR 20-inch “rollers”. In doing so, breyton also ensures that its performance-enhanced 3 Series BMW has the corresponding level of wheel grip.

Needless to say, even a BMW leaves scope for improvement when it comes to the driving dynamics. A height-adjustable (from 30 to 50 mm) complete suspension kit (breyton BS2) guarantees this racy 3 Series BMW outstanding and customizable road holding.

The sporty theme continues on the inside, where a sports steering wheel made of carbon fiber and a carbon fiber interior kit (7-piece), along with a range of aluminum accessories combine to create an exclusively sporty impression.

A rear muffler made from corrosion-resistant stainless steel with a flat-oval tailpipe gives the breyton 3 Series BMW a sound to match the power.

Further information on the high-class BMW tuning range from breyton design GmbH is available on the Internet at www.breyton.com.

9 Responses to Tuned Breyton BMW 3 Series E90 with 20-inch wheel rims

  1. diaz says:

    Good evening, where I can find the bumper before BREYTON for BMW E90 320d?

  2. Eric Janez says:

    I have been surfing the WWW to find some nice wheels for my E46 black BMW, and the wheels on this car are perfect. Can I please receive information where I can obtain this design wheel?

  3. desmond says:

    Does the rims come in 19inch ? how much is it ?

  4. Greg says:

    What brand of tire do you have on the 330i with the breyton 20″ wheels. also do the tires rub.

  5. James says:

    We can provide the full range of Breyton products they come as 19″ also. UK RRP is £399.99 per rim plus tyre and fitting. We would probably go for continental or toyo tyres. We also supply the full range of styling and suspension parts.

    Call us on 0845 094 4522



  6. dennis says:

    hi, im from malaysia, my BMW E90 is only 320i…the 19inch sport rim is that fix for it?

  7. Cris says:

    I would like to get a front plate like the one on the feature car for my BMW but in Chrome or Silver with Black writing can you help me acquire or purchase one. I would like my name on it in cursive like the one featured above that says Breyton.

  8. angel says:

    Do those rims come in chrome?

  9. Flame says:

    i want the rims chromed….is it possible?